First Time @ Forest Hills?

Want a real sneak peek? Listen to recent-sermons or see our welcome video.

You can also join us LIVE right from your home each Sunday morning for worship.

  • What we believe

    We believe the Bible & hold to the classic truths of Christianity:

    God loves each of us & wants the best for each of us.

    We know God’s love through Jesus Christ.

    You were made for a relationship with Jesus Christ; 

    you will never be satisfied or complete without it.

    Real joy comes when our relationship with God is right.

    Everyone can be forgiven. We must welcome all whom Jesus welcomes.

    We need to get along with each other.

    A life of giving & serving is satisfying.


    While each of our three services have the same message they differ in style. 

    This is one thing that makes Forest Hills special; we approach our worship in multiple ways which means that there is always something for everyone. 

    Get details about all three on our home page.


    Wear whatever you want. We are much more concerned with what's going on inside a person than what they are wearing on the outside. 

  • Will I be asked to give money?

    If this is your first time with us we want you to keep your wallet in your pocket. 

    Just come and experience a service at Forest Hills. If you like it & want to call it your church home, then we believe giving to God and His church is part of being a Christ-follower. 

    If you would like to donate online go to our donate page.

What About My Children?

At Forest Hills, our Children's Ministry is all about helping kids take their next steps closer to Christ. We get kids excited about Jesus & help them build their faith by using Bible stories, group activities, & curriculum created for kids from nursery all the way through 5th grade.

Our programming in Kids Church is designed so that families who worship together at 9:45 can split up at 11:00, & children can attend Kids Church while parents attend Sunday School at 11:00 & vice versa for families who worship together at 11:00. 

Kids Church happens each Sunday morning at 9:45 & 11:00am & is divided into three main groups which meet along the back side of the church building, in the Kids Hall.

Nursery (Birth - 2 Years Old)

Pre-K (3K & 4K)

Kids Church (5K - 5th Grade)

To learn more about our Children's Ministry, go to our children page.