Don't miss a thing

If we're planning on doing it, it is represented below! Stuff you have to register for and stuff you don't; 

stuff that has a price tag and stuff that's totally free. Never miss out on what we've got in store!

  • Registration For the edge opens (January 7th-February 17th)

    Sign up for The Edge: Our annual JUNIOR HIGH ONLY Spring retreat!  

  • Senior high ski trip (Jan. 24th-27th)

    Senior Highers will not meet for youth on Sunday, January 27th...but JUNIOR HIGHERS TOTALLY WILL!  

  • Super Bowl (February 3rd)

    You know the drill!  Lots of food, the Big Game, and the annual Toilet Bowl!  Bring your friends!

  • Serving the Widows (February 9th)

    Every year on the Saturday before Valentine's Day, we go out into our community and serve some of the widows in our congregation.  A fantastic opportunity to serve some of the members of our church in a very special way.  This is open to all Junior and Senior Highers.

    All we need is your name so we know who is coming!  To register, click on the hearts to the left and the form will launch.

  • Registration for The edge closes (February 17th)

    Today is your last chance to register for The Edge!  Don't miss out!

  • The Edge (March 8th-10th)

    The Edge is our annual Junior High retreat!  Theme, details, and registration to come in early 2019!

  • Students vs Adults Flag Football (March 16th)

    Tentatively scheduled.

  • Breakfast At Centenary (March 31st)

    We'll take 10-12 volunteers down to Centenary UMC at 6am this morning to serve breakfast to some of the less fortunate population of Macon.  HOT Krispy Kreme doughnuts afterwards, and we'll be back in time for the 9:45am service!

  • Easter egg hunt (April 14th)

    We will not have regularly scheduled youth this evening.  We will instead serve the Children's Ministry and the families of our church at the annual Easter Egg Hunt!

  • Easter, No Youth (April 21st)

  • Senior Night (April 28th)

    Our annual evening set aside to honor our outgoing senior class!  Everyone is invited to attend the meal and reflection, but registration is required for a headcount for dinner!

  • SH Summer Camp (May 28th-31st)

    You asked for it!  We're going back to Wesley Gardens in Savannah for the first time in YEARS!  They are a tough place to book since they started hosting their own summer programming on the site, but we're in!  Theme, details, and registration to come in 2019!

  • JH Summer Camp (June 6th-9th)

    We'll be heading to White Water Express in Copperhill, TN, for a few days of rafting, recreation, and THE BLOB!  Theme, details, and registration to come in 2019!

  • VBS (June 23rd-27th)

    The Children's Ministry will host an evening VBS through these dates and always rely heavily upon our students for support and volunteerism.  We don't want to disappoint!

  • River of Life (July 10th-14th)

    Details, theme, and registration to come in 2019!

  • Lake Days (July 27th-28th)

    Junior High Lake Day will be July 27th.  Senior Highers will get their chance on the 28th!  Times and details TBD.