The Baldwin State Prison Kairos Team is preparing for Weekend #17 to be held October 18th thru 21st. Kairos ministry nurtures the Christian community within prison walls so that those incarcerated men who participate in Kairos can become loving and productive citizens. Your prayers are vital to the success of this ministry; please lift Kairos in your prayers between now and October 21st. Our children have already created many pieces of artwork that will be used to share God’s love during this weekend. Your homemade cookies may be the expression of Christian love that begins a transformation in an inmate’s life just by knowing there is someone who cared for him enough to bake them. If you are not a baker then consider purchasing and donating cookies or 2L drinks; these are always needed. Cookies need to be packaged 6 to a Ziploc bag. Please leave cookies and drinks at the Missions Cabinet inside the canopy entrance on or before October 17th. For information on Kairos please contact any of the members of the Baldwin Team from our church or call the church office.