Looking Forward

The church voted on July 27th to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church.

Thank you to each and every person who participated in every aspect of this process. Thank you to those who began working, planning, and attending to the details which were necessary to position our church to even be in this conversation. Thank you to those who engaged in the church meetings, prayer meetings, Sunday school class discussions, and private discussions to get as much information as possible for making an informed decision. Your diligence as a church to seek wisdom and work together speaks to your love and investment in Forest Hills. Thank you to those who privately and publicly addressed concerns about the processes and Forest Hills' future. You have been heard, and your concerns are valid.


This was a tough decision to make, and it was not made lightly by anyone. We acknowledge the individual and corporate grief this separation causes. The pain of church division hits at the core of our faith experience. But our true hope is in Jesus. As we move forward, it is our desire that every one of you, regardless of how you voted or feel about this issue, knows you are an integral part of this church. 

Here are our next steps we will take as a church moving forward together:


  • We will worship Jesus together … and it will be good and pleasing to the Lord!
  • We will work diligently to complete the legalities of disaffiliation and keep you as the church informed using the website, newsletter, email, and announcements.
  • We will attend the virtual Annual Conference on August 20th to disaffiliate.
  • We will finalize all required legal details by September 19th and pay the required fees.
  • We will begin work immediately on investigating other denominational options.
  • We will take a deep breath, give each other a hug, and get back to work, offering those within our four walls, the greater Macon and Middle Georgia area, and the world, a transformative gospel that speaks life and love into all people.