new sermon series

Join us over the next few weeks as we search for answers
to some of the BIG QUESTIONS about Jesus.

April 23: Who Is Jesus

April 30: What is a Christian

May 7: What is a Christian Worldview

May 14: What was Jesus' Main Point

May 21: Why Do People Suffer

May 28: How Do Jesus and Patriotism Mix

June 4: The Holy Spirit in God's Holy Church

If you missed a week, listen to our sermons here!

Come worship with us

None of us are perfect. Our lives are messy but together we make a family-- one that is intentional about forming a genuine relationship with Christ & making an impact in our community.

Everybody is welcome here. Regardless of where you're from or whatever stories, questions, doubts, or struggles you may have, we invite you to experience a Sunday with us. Let us share God's love with you!