Fall Retreat 2018

In a world where our value is derived by the number of Likes a post receives...

When we've got an unprecedented audience to who we are...

And when our words carry further and faster than ever before...

How can the Word of God serve students in this digital, visible age?

That's what we'll be exploring during our Fall Retreat this year.  We're going to talk with students about their very lifelines: Social medias!

When:  October 12-14

Where:  Camp Calvin, Hampton, GA

Cost:  $125

Registration is open Monday, August 6th through Wednesday, September 26th!

Finances should never be the reason your student can't participate in something we offer, so if you need any kind of help with funds please call, text, or email Mike!

We are also offering late rides to any students that might be tied up with any Friday night scholastic activities (football, band, cheerleading, etc).  Just let us know during registration if that's you!

Click here to register today!

Pay online is coming soon!